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As Heard on Money Radio – Matt O’Brien CEO of

MINT Social, a Scottsdale based company, is entering its 8th year as a social media and content marketing business. Matt O’Brien, CEO of MINT Social, is a guest on Money Radio (99.3 FM) with David Cogan of Eliances to discuss entrepreneurship in Scotttsdale and best practices for launching and growing a business in Arizona.

MINT Social has been recognized by two independent sources as one of the top 10 social media marketing firms in the US.

Three things have been instrumental with MINT Social’s success and recognition at a top online marketing firm:

  • building content marketing engines. 
  • directing marketing to where 75% of Internet users are. 
  • connecting businesses with targeted prospects and new customers. 

Looking to accelerate your online marketing results by increasing your online visibility, relevance and influence?

Matthew O'Brien

With over 20 years of experience in the digital media world, Matthew has worked for and with Fortune 500 businesses and has built companies from the start-up stage to exit strategy. He recently helped develop a data insight engine to bridge the gap between search, social, and mobile marketing to maximize the visibility, relevancy, and predictive success of online businesses.

Matthew is the founder of MINT Social, an award-winning digital marketing company that accelerates online marketing results to help businesses get found and thrive online. 

Matthew has developed an educational curriculum for Universities on social media for businesses, is a founding board member of the Arizona Innovation Marketing Association (AZIMA), a board member of HeroZona Foundation and on the advisory board (Vinnies) for St. Vincent de Paul - Phoenix.  Matthew is a mentor with ASU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group, a speaker on social media and digital marketing, and is a subject matter expert with many online portals.

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